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The Environmental Contribution used to be called Bebat. This collection and recycling contribution must be paid for every portable or industrial battery or battery pack that is marketed.

All items with batteries are subject to the take-back obligation.

As of July 2001, a disposal charge is calculated for certain products. This amount is listed separately on your invoice.

The contribution applies to electrical devices as well as items with lamps and light fixtures.

The FASFC is the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain.

Auvibel is a collective rights management company for the private copying of protected literary and artistic works.

We searched for and found a supplier who gives a one-year guarantee on all USB sticks.

A Powerbank is a godsend for many smartphone and tablet users when your battery lets you down on the road. This gadget is very popular and comes in various sizes, models and colours.

The Powerbanks at Magnus Business Gifts come with a one-year guarantee.

It is important to choose the right capacity when picking a Powerbank. Charging a smartphone battery, for example, requires less capacity. A capacity of 1,500 mAh or more is sufficient for this. For a laptop, you will need a capacity of at least 15,000 mAh. What about a tablet? We recommend choosing a Powerbank with at least 12,000 mAh capacity. The more you want to charge a battery without plugging in the device, the more powerful your Powerbank will have to be.

A Powerbank is a battery, whichever way you look at it. The price difference is often related to battery quality.

Always remember you must pay your mandatory contributions under Belgian law. An office abroad cannot do this for you. You must take care of this yourself as the importer.

We recommend embroidery or silk-screen printing. It is not only a question of quality; it also offers a sustainable solution! If you prefer a multi-coloured logo with all the trimmings, then digital printing is the right option. It involves a type of iron-on transfer.

We use silk screening, laser engraving or stencil printing processes so that your gadgets reflect the image of your company.

Pantone colours have a specific Pantone number. This number refers to the Pantone Matching System for reproducing colours. So red is not just red. “1895 C”, for example, is a raspberry bavarois pink.

In some cases, the diameter of the “ring” on a keyring must be at least 3.5 cm. This rule applies to toys and/or products that can be considered as toys. An “ordinary” promotional keyring is not a toy. Consequently this rule does not apply.

Loyalty programmes

A loyalty programme is a long-term or short-term promotional campaign. We set up a website with you and choose gifts together, that are added to the website. The customers you wish to thank for their loyalty can pick their own gift on the website.

A study by the Vlerick Loyalty Management Center has shown that the number of loyal customers increases by 67% when you invest in a loyalty programme. And what’s even more impressive is that loyal customers purchase 14 to 18% more than regular customers. They usually also remain customers for longer and they also attract other customers.

  • At Magnus Business Gifts, you don’t pay a penny more for gifts. Our approach: no cure, no pay. We only charge for the gifts that have been delivered, plus the delivery costs.
  • Thanks to our international network, we are able to purchase a wide selection of gifts and keep stocks and the risks associated with stocks under control. We design and program the campaign sites and manage all the users and gifts. Plus, we are more than happy to keep a running total of the points that your employees have accumulated.
  • We make sure that the right gift is delivered to the right address at the agreed time, in the right gift wrapping and in the right quantity. And in perfect condition! If we don’t have a product in stock, we will replace it with a product of the same value. You will never be left with an oversupply of gifts.
  • We handle all the financial and fiscal aspects. So you are free of all the worries around prefinancing gifts or vouchers.

Thanks to this service, we have become the market leader for loyalty programmes.Request a demo.


Yes, of course. Send us the distribution list of the gifts and the matching delivery addresses. We will take care of everything.

No problem. We dispatch gadgets to various departments outside Belgium for many of our customers.

Yes, absolutely. We offer a standard gift box, but we can also add a personalised ribbon or sticker.

Yes, of course. Just send us the letters or cards to add to the gift box. We will take care of everything.

Delivery term

The average delivery term is three weeks.

Tax deductibility

The rule of thumb is that business gifts are 50% tax-deductible as an expense. The VAT is 100% deductible when the gift costs less than 50 euros (incl. VAT). If the cost of the gift exceeds 50 euros (incl. VAT), then the VAT is not deductible. There are a number of exceptions to this rule.

Corporate social responsibility

In 2013, we participated in Start-to-mvo, an initiative of MVO Vlaanderen. These information sessions target organisations that want to learn more about CSR and take the first steps for developing a CSR strategy. We then made a number of efforts to increase our sustainability, including the upcycling of our showroom, participating in the fund-raising campaign for “Het Gewichtigste Bedrijf”, organising a garage sale for the non-profit association Prinses Harte and more.