Gift hampers

A lovely collection of gift hampers

You will conquer hearts with a gift hamper. Especially if you choose the right theme for the person in question.

We have put together ten different themed gift hampers. So that you can offer just the right treats to birthday boys and birthday girls, new mothers and newlyweds. Or you can welcome new customers on board with an arsenal of fair trade products or regional delicacies. Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed hampers with a collection of diverse and sustainable products. And the beautiful gift box adds the perfect finishing touch. After all, it should be a treat for the eyes too.

Do you prefer a customised gift hamper? We also offer this option. And we will gladly search for the perfect solution together with you. And we make sure it’s within your budget too. Did you know that gift hampers are an especially popular year-end gift in the Netherlands? This trend is now also catching on in Belgium.

We can deliver on the occasion itself, to the office or the home of the beneficiary. Depending on your preference!


Loyalty programmes

More than a business gift

You want to thank your loyal customers with a high-quality gift. Great! This creates even stronger bonds between your company and your customers. And what’s more, it is also an excellent way to attract new customers. Especially when you invest in a loyalty programme. It is also the perfect way to get to know your customers better. Loyalty programmes provide you with a great database full of useful information about their purchasing habits.

We are the market leader in loyalty programmes. We have acquired extensive experience over the years. And you can reap the fruits of this experience. For instance, nobody knows better than us what works and what doesn’t. We offer short-term or long-term creative concepts that are suitable throughout Europe.

It has never been simpler to thank your customers for all the efforts they have made. Especially as we plan each programme down to the tiniest detail. From designing the programme to delivering the gift. And when you come to us, you don’t pay a single penny too much. No cure, no pay!


Employee solutions

Motivated employees

Your employees deserve a nice gift? Rightly so! Investing in human capital is a wise decision. It produces a strong sense of motivation among your staff. If you show that you value their input, they will do even more for you. It is a way of showing them that they are important for the company. The result? Bigger profits. Company income increases and as a result so do profits and shareholder value.

We will gladly develop a reward and incentive programme for your employees. You can give your sales a department a gift when they reach a certain target. Or let your employees pick out a gift of their choosing to mark New Year, Administrative Professionals Day or after they recruit a new colleague or partner.

Like with our loyalty programmes, you will not pay one penny more for your reward and incentive programmes. Our approach: no cure, no pay. We only charge for the gifts that have been delivered, plus the delivery costs. Which means that we do not work with set minimum amounts. If you pay us a lot, it’s because your campaign has been a huge success.


Gifts & Goodies

A varied and always stylish offering

We enjoy proving to our customers that Gifts & Goodies can be classy too. We select handsome design items that exude quality and afford your gift a touch of class. And naturally, they look highly appealing. Whether you have chosen ballpoints or executive items, such as attaché cases or trophies.

Does this mean they are pricey? Don’t worry. We supply designer items in all price ranges. Our range also includes practical office supplies, elegant work clothing, beautiful environmentally-friendly products and medical gadgets.

We can also personalise all these gifts and goodies. We have exactly the right tools for this depending on your requirements. We use silk screening, laser engraving or stencil printing processes so that your gadgets reflect the image of your company. How do we work? We provide you with a print proof first of all. Only when it is to your liking do we start the production process.



The customer is key

We work alongside you to find the best possible solution. Your target groups and corporate goals are our guiding stars. We fine-tune the delivery method to match the volume, the required deadline, the country, …

We always do our utmost to provide you with what you want. You get the best possible price for the service you requested. Goods are always ordered, delivered and invoiced correctly. Every month you receive a report with detailed information about your project.

We evaluate the results of each project. This is why we hold two official meetings with our customers every year. We discuss the agreed progress plan.

What about the guarantee? Prices remain unaltered for the duration of a programme. One-year guarantee on all electrical devices and USB sticks. Defective devices are thus repaired free of charge.

Full service

Solution-oriented approach

We take our place at the helm of all the projects entrusted to us. One single member of our team is responsible for the whole project. Why do we put one single employee on a project from start to finish? Because we want to leave nothing to chance. By adopting this approach, we can keep a very careful eye on each order and loyalty or reward programme.

All the members of our core team are passionate about what they do. They are always ready to answer your queries, to constantly ensure that we get the best prices for you and to help you solve distribution problems. Our internal call centre is available to answer any queries you may have about the catalogue in your native language (Dutch, English and French).

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Personalised gift box

Unwrapping a gift is half of the fun. That is why we also wrap your gifts. Year-end gifts and any gift that we deliver to your end customer or employee on your behalf.

Can the gift wrapping also be customised? Of course! We customise your gift box with a personalised sticker or message. We can even add a card if you want. And we are very meticulous about our gift wrapping service.


Budget-friendly logistics

We always look for the lowest possible general logistics costs. We draw up a progress plan for each project. This contains the goals set by both the parties in terms of cost savings for the coming year. We sit down together and evaluate this plan each year. We also ensure complete follow-up and traceability of each shipment. Our specific strategies?

  • Combining as many shipments as possible per address;
  • Sending all shipments out together on the same day;
  • Working with component orders instead of individual orders;
  • Keeping necessary storage space to a minimum at all times thanks to intelligent software;
  • Ensuring a monthly analysis of storage space carried out by our account executive;
  • Intensive use of our e-catalogue
  • Ensuring that individual costs for all transactions serve as a basis for price reductions;
  • Working together with different distribution companies;
  • Printing on demand for literature with a limited print run.