Custom made onboarding gift boxes

An onboarding gift box is a great way to welcome new employees to your company and help them feel valued and appreciated from the start. A custom-made gift box filled with gadgets in your branding can be an excellent way to show your new hires that you are excited to have them on board. Magnus Business Gifts can also provide any type of box fully customized in your branding. Ask our team now what you can do with your budget.

The contents of an onboarding gift box can vary, but typically include items that are useful and practical for the workplace. Some common gadgets that you can include are notebooks, USB drives, power banks, wireless chargers, headphones, and portable speakers. These items can help new employees get started with their work right away, and they can also make their day-to-day tasks more convenient and enjoyable.

In addition to the gadgets, you can also include other items that can help new employees feel welcomed and appreciated. For example, you can include a personalized welcome note, a company t-shirt, or a company branded coffee mug. These items can help new employees feel like they are part of the team and can help them feel more connected to your company’s culture.

The key to making an onboarding gift box successful is to ensure that the contents are relevant, useful, and customized to the needs of the recipient. By including gadgets that are printed with your company’s logo, you can also promote your brand and create a sense of unity among your employees.

Printed business gifts for employees worth up to €50 are tax deductible.

Unique service from order to delivery

Magnus Business Gifts is your partner for merchandising, gadgets or unique business gifts to match your company, school or sports organisation.

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