Beautiful plants with your logo

Giving a plant with your logo or flower seeds in your branding is giving a piece of nature. Not only are they beautiful but they also contribute to your health and symbolizes a special feeling. Magnus Business Gifts specializes in plants with your logo which you can also personalize with text. Our let it grow gadgets with your logo are the perfect giveaway or business gifts for your next event.

Personalized & printed plants with your logo and flower seeds!

Want to show the world you’ve got a strong organisation that pulls out all the stops to deliver perfect results? You can do that by giving plants with your logo and printing flower seeds with your logo. An added bonus is the positive effect on your organisations image. Whether it’s for an orchid with your logo or just a apple with your logo, Magnus Business Gifts can do it all for you.

Create sustainable visibility for your organisation with a plants with your logo or apples with your branding!. Thanks to your visible logo, your organisation will now be in front of their mind. With plants and flowers with your logo you won’t miss a single opportunity to put your organisation in the spotlight.

Personalized and printed let it grow plant with your logo also contributes to the well being of your employees.

Magnus Business Gifts is your partner for merchandising, gadgets or unique business gifts to match your company, school or sports organisation.


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