1. How can I place an order?

You can find for every occasion the perfect business gift in our wide range of bespoke articles.  Once you have found the item of your choice, it is piece of cake to place the order.

You can place your order by these simple steps:

  • Select the product of your choice
  • Chose the colour
  • Ad the requested quantity
  • If you require a personalisation, please select the number of colours to be printed
  • Select whether you would like to have an offer or place the order
  • Fill in your address details
  • Apply your logo
  • Click send

2. What are the payment options?

All online orders are being paid upon order placement.  We use a certified paymentprovider.  All payments run via Mollie and can be done with credit card or bancontact.

3. How is my order being shipped?

We work with official carriers.  Depending on the volume of the order and the delivery address we work with DHL, Bpost or TNT.

4. Can I receive an invoice for my order?

You will receive an invoice, after delivery, mentioning paid.

5. What is the delivery time for my order?

In general the delivery time fora n order with personalisation is 3 weeks after approval on the mailproof.

6. After placing the order, I received an electronical confirmation. What does this mean?

After placing an order, you automatically receive an order confirmation within 24 hours.  After the order confirmation your will receive a mailproof for the personalisation of the item for approval.

7. Can I cancel or make adjustments to my order?

An online order is not an obligation.  After placing the order, you will receive an orderconfirmation.  If you hace chosen for a personalisation of the item, you will receive a mailproof for approcal.  During this you can still make adjustments. After approval of the mailproof adjustments no longer can be made.  After approval of the mailproof, the order is final.

8. Is there a minimum quantity to consider?

For printed business gifts, there is an moq mentioned for each article.

9. Can I place an order as an individual citizen?

We can deliver to individual citizens however you have to pay your order upfront.

10. Is it possible to receive a paper catalogus?

On request, we can provide your with a free catalogue.

11. Is it possible to receive a sample before placing an order?

For most items we supply a free sample for 2 weeks.  We gently request to return the sample  in its original box un-used.  If we haven’t received the sample in return or damaged, we invoice the item at normal price + 6.50€ administration fee.  The cost for the return shipment is at your expense.

12. How can I provide my logo?

You can upload your logo when placing an offer request or an order.  We require your logo in a vectorised eps.  The logo is in pantone colours.

13. Do I have to pay for enviromental taxes?

For all deliveries within Belgium we are obliged to invoice the legal taks for batteries of 0.075€ per delivered battery.  For more information check out www.bebat.be .

For deliveries in Belgium of electrical appliances, we are obliged to invoice the recupel taks.  For more information, please check out www.recupel.be for more information.


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