More than a business gift

You want to thank your loyal customers with a high-quality gift. Great! This creates even stronger bonds between your company and your customers. And what’s more, it is also an excellent way to attract new customers. Especially when you invest in a loyalty programme. It is also the perfect way to get to know your customers better. Loyalty programmes provide you with a great database full of useful information about their purchasing habits.

We are the market leader in loyalty programmes. We have acquired extensive experience over the years. And you can reap the fruits of this experience. For instance, nobody knows better than us what works and what doesn’t. We offer short-term or long-term creative concepts that are suitable throughout Europe.

Thank your customers

It has never been simpler to thank your customers for all the efforts they have made. Especially as we plan each programme down to the tiniest detail. From designing the programme to delivering the gift. And when you come to us, you don’t pay a single penny too much. No cure, no pay!


Option 1

High quality gifts at a set price

This loyalty programme for your faithful customers consists of a highly attractive platform. It comes with a whole lot of lovely gifts too. And you set the fixed price of the gifts. For example, 35 euros per gift is good for your taxes. Do you want to give the platform an even greater sparkle? You can! We will be pleased to incorporate your company’s house style.


Option 2

Professional gifts with extra payment option

A popular loyalty programme for your faithful customers. This platform brims with the gifts you select. Your customers can choose a gift for the points they have earned. If they don’t have enough points? They can simply pay extra. You then don’t have to worry about disappointed customers. On the contrary. You can also give the whole platform your own company’s look and feel. Are you interested?


Option 3

A-brands on a platform with all the trimmings

The ultimate way to reward your loyal customers with enjoyment all the way. Your customers get a gift platform with all the bells and whistles. And all in style of the house. You create campaigns and select the gifts from which your customers can choose. With a wide range of leading brands. Your customers are given an account with which they can follow their orders and delivery to the home. You as the supplier can also follow everything from A to Z. And we take care of tax and social security optimisation. Storage and an internal customer service are further options! Indeed: no cure, no pay. Sounds good?

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