You stand central as a customer

We work out the best solution in consultation with you. Your target groups and business objectives are our anchor points. We adjust the delivery method to the volume, the requested delivery period, the country, …

We always go to the limit. You get the best price for the requested service. Goods are always correctly ordered, delivered and invoiced. Every month a report with detailed information about your project follows.

We also evaluate the results of each project. That is why we hold two formal meetings with our customers every year. We will further discuss the agreed ‘progress plan’.

What about the warranty? The prices remain unchanged for the duration of a program. A year warranty applies to all electrical devices and USB sticks. Defective devices are therefore repaired free of charge.


Budget-friendly logistics

We always look for the lowest possible general logistics costs. We draw up a progress plan for each project. This contains the goals set by both the parties in terms of cost savings for the coming year. We sit down together and evaluate this plan each year. We also ensure complete follow-up and traceability of each shipment. Our specific strategies?

  • Combining as many shipments as possible per address;
  • Sending all shipments out together on the same day;
  • Working with component orders instead of individual orders;
  • Keeping necessary storage space to a minimum at all times thanks to intelligent software;
  • Ensuring a monthly analysis of storage space carried out by our account executive;
  • Intensive use of our e-catalogue
  • Ensuring that individual costs for all transactions serve as a basis for price reductions;
  • Working together with different distribution companies;
  • Printing on demand for literature with a limited print run.

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