Customized lanyards for Every Event

In the world of branding and promotion, the humble lanyard has emerged as an indispensable accessory. At Magnus Business Gifts, we understand the value of this versatile item and have perfected the art of crafting custom lanyards tailored to the unique needs of work, school, and play, particularly sports.

The Versatility of Custom Lanyards:

  1. Workplace Efficiency: In the corporate world, lanyards are more than just accessories; they serve as practical tools for employees. Our custom lanyards can be personalized with your company’s logo and colors, creating a strong brand presence while helping employees keep track of ID badges, access cards, and keys. Not only do they enhance security and organization, but they also convey professionalism and unity among your team.

  2. Educational Identity: For schools, colleges, and universities, custom lanyards are an effective way to showcase institutional pride and unity. Our lanyards can be customized with school logos, mascots, and colors, helping students and staff feel a sense of belonging. Additionally, lanyards can hold student IDs, making them easily accessible and reducing the risk of loss.

  3. Sports Team Spirit: In the realm of sports, team identity is paramount. Our custom sports lanyards are designed to instill team spirit and pride. We offer a wide range of customization options, including team logos, slogans, and even player names and numbers. These lanyards are not just functional but also serve as symbols of unity and camaraderie among players, coaches, and supporters.

CUSTOM KEYCORDS LANYARDS WITH LOGO Custom lanyards printed with your logo are a practical and versatile way to promote your brand or organization. A lanyard is a keycord or strap worn around the neck, wrist, or shoulder to hold an ID card, badge, key, or other small item. By adding your logo or branding to a lanyard, you can create a functional and stylish accessory that promotes your brand wherever it is worn. Custom lanyards are popular for a variety of settings, including trade shows, conferences, festivals, concerts, schools, and offices. They are a great way to identify staff or attendees, enhance security, and increase brand visibility. Lanyards are also a popular giveaway item because they are practical and can be used repeatedly, ensuring your brand is seen again and again.





Elevate Your Brand in Style

In the dynamic world of corporate branding and promotional products, every detail matters. A simple accessory like a lanyard may not seem like a game-changer, but when it’s customized to perfection, it can leave a lasting impression on clients, employees, and partners. At Magnus Business Gifts, we understand the significance of personalized lanyards and the impact they can have on your brand’s identity. Let’s explore how our custom lanyards can elevate your brand.

Crafting Custom Lanyards with Care

When you choose Magnus Business Gifts for your customized lanyards, you’re choosing quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. We take pride in creating lanyards that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Versatile Solutions for Every Occasion

One of the remarkable features of our custom lanyards is their versatility. Whether you’re seeking lanyards for your workplace, educational institution, sports team, or a special event, we have solutions to suit every occasion. Here’s how we cater to various needs:


1. Workplace Efficiency with Custom Lanyards:

In the corporate world, efficiency and professionalism are paramount. Our customized workplace lanyards are designed to enhance these qualities. They can be personalized with your company’s logo and colors, aligning seamlessly with your brand’s identity. But they’re not just about aesthetics; they also serve a practical purpose. Lanyards can hold ID badges, access cards, and even keys, making them easily accessible and reducing the risk of loss.

2. Educational Identity with Custom School Lanyards:

For schools, colleges, and universities, lanyards can play a crucial role in creating a sense of identity and belonging. Our custom school lanyards can be customized with your institution’s logo, mascot, and colors. This not only helps students and staff feel connected but also serves as a security measure, ensuring that IDs are always visible and accessible.

3. Team Spirit with Custom Sports Lanyards:

In the world of sports, team identity and unity are of utmost importance. Our custom sports lanyards are designed to instill team spirit and pride. Whether it’s for players, coaches, or supporters, we offer a wide range of customization options. From team logos and slogans to player names and numbers, our sports lanyards help foster camaraderie and solidarity among team members.

Endless Customization Possibilities

What sets Magnus Business Gifts apart is our commitment to providing endless customization possibilities. We understand that every brand, institution, or team is unique. That’s why we offer a wide range of choices, including different colors, materials, attachment options, and printing techniques. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and professional design, a vibrant and spirited look, or a dynamic and bold style, we have the customization options to bring your vision to life.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

We also recognize that cost-effectiveness is crucial. Our range of budget-friendly custom lanyards ensures that you can promote your brand, school, or team without breaking the bank. These budget-friendly options still maintain our high standards of quality and durability, offering excellent value for your investment.

Timely Delivery

At Magnus Business Gifts, we understand the importance of meeting deadlines. Whether you need customized lanyards for an upcoming event, the start of a new school year, or a sports season, we have you covered. Our efficient production process ensures that your custom lanyards are delivered promptly and ready to make an impact.

Conclusion: Your Brand, Your Lanyards

In conclusion, Magnus Business Gifts takes pride in providing custom lanyards that cater to a wide range of needs and occasions. These lanyards are not mere accessories; they are powerful tools for enhancing brand identity, fostering team spirit, and maintaining organizational efficiency. When you choose Magnus Business Gifts for your custom lanyards, you’re choosing quality, reliability, and exceptional branding solutions that stand the test of time.

Elevate your brand with custom lanyards from Magnus Business Gifts, and let your logo and message shine in every situation, from the workplace to the classroom and the sports field. Your brand, your lanyards, your success.

Small Price, Big Impact

In the world of marketing and branding, every opportunity to promote your brand matters, and that includes the smallest of details. Customized lanyards may seem like a simple accessory, but they pack a powerful punch when it comes to brand visibility and recognition. At Magnus Business Gifts, we understand the significance of budget-friendly yet effective marketing tools. Our customized lanyards are not only affordable but also offer a wide range of options for personalization.

The Power of Customized Lanyards as Marketing Tools

Lanyards are versatile and practical items that serve multiple purposes in various settings, from corporate offices and educational institutions to events and conferences. They hold badges, keys, ID cards, and more, making them a useful everyday accessory. However, when you add your brand’s logo and message to a lanyard, it transforms into a cost-effective marketing tool that works tirelessly to promote your brand. Here’s why customized lanyards from Magnus Business Gifts are an excellent choice for elevating your brand:


Affordable Brand Exposure: Marketing can be expensive, but customized lanyards offer a budget-friendly alternative. These simple yet effective tools provide continuous brand exposure as they are worn and used daily by employees, students, event attendees, or anyone else who receives them.

Versatility for Every Occasion: Our customized lanyards are incredibly versatile, making them suitable for a wide range of occasions and audiences. Whether you need lanyards for a corporate event, a school function, a promotional giveaway, or even a trade show, we have options that cater to every need.

Endless Customization Options: At Magnus Business Gifts, we believe in the power of personalization. Our lanyards can be customized in numerous ways to align perfectly with your brand identity. Choose from an array of colors, materials, attachment options, and printing techniques to create lanyards that reflect your unique vision.

Quality Meets Affordability: We understand that budget-friendly shouldn’t mean compromising on quality. Our customized lanyards are crafted to meet high standards of durability, ensuring that they withstand daily wear and tear while maintaining their brand-enhancing appeal.

Quick Turnaround: We value your time, and our efficient production process ensures that your customized lanyards are delivered promptly. Whether you have a specific event date in mind or need a bulk order for a larger campaign, we can meet your deadlines.

Maximum Impact, Minimal Cost: The beauty of customized lanyards lies in their ability to make a significant impact with minimal cost. By investing in these cost-effective marketing tools, you’re maximizing your brand’s visibility and recognition without breaking the bank.

Conclusion: Budget-Friendly Branding That Works

In conclusion, Magnus Business Gifts takes pride in providing customized lanyards that are not only cost-effective but also highly effective in promoting your brand. These lanyards are more than just accessories; they are powerful marketing tools that leave a lasting impression on your target audience. Whether you’re looking to enhance brand visibility in the workplace, foster school spirit, or create a buzz at events, our customized lanyards are the solution you need.

Elevate your brand on a budget with customized lanyards from Magnus Business Gifts, and watch as your logo and message gain visibility in every setting. Affordable, versatile, and highly customizable, our lanyards are designed to help you achieve your branding goals without breaking the bank. Your brand, your message, your success – all made possible with budget-friendly marketing tools from Magnus Business Gifts.

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Lanyards as Key Cords

In a world where branding and individuality matter, personalized accessories have become a powerful means of expression and promotion. Custom lanyard key cords, often overlooked in their simplicity, offer a versatile canvas for personalization. Whether you’re representing a business, hosting an event, or simply looking to add a unique touch to your daily life, these seemingly humble items can make a significant impact. We’ll explore the world of custom lanyards and key cords, the many ways you can personalize them, and why they’re a must-have accessory.

The Power of Personalization

Before we delve into the specifics of custom lanyards key cords, let’s understand why personalization matters:

  1. Brand Identity: For businesses, a strong brand identity is vital. Customized lanyards key cords with your company’s logo, colors, and slogans reinforce brand recognition. Employees wearing these personalized accessories become walking ambassadors for your brand.

  2. Event Memorabilia: Hosting an event? Personalized lanyards key cords can serve as memorable keepsakes. Attendees can take them home, extending the event’s impact long after it’s over. Customization can include event names, dates, and themes.

  3. Individual Expression: On a personal level, customized accessories allow individuals to express their style, interests, and affiliations. Whether it’s a favorite sports team, a cause, or a hobby, personalized lanyards key cords become a reflection of one’s identity.

Customization Options

Now, let’s explore the many ways you can personalize lanyards key cords:

  1. Logo Integration: For businesses, incorporating your company logo is the most direct way to personalize these accessories. It’s a prominent and professional way to showcase your brand.

  2. Color Choices: Personalize lanyards key cords with colors that represent your brand or resonate with your personal preferences. Choose from a vast array of hues to create a distinctive look.

  3. Material Selection: These accessories come in various materials, from durable nylon to Eco-friendly options like recycled PET. Selecting the right material aligns with your values and the intended use of the lanyard key cord.

  4. Attachments and Add-Ons: Customize further by choosing attachments and add-ons. These can include safety breakaways, detachable buckles, or key rings to enhance functionality.

  5. Text and Messaging: Beyond logos and colors, consider adding text, slogans, or messages to your lanyards key cords. It could be an inspiring quote, a call to action, or even a personal motto.

Versatile Applications

The beauty of personalized lanyards key cords lies in their versatility:

  1. Corporate Branding: For businesses, these accessories are essential for building a professional image. They are perfect for conferences, trade shows, and daily office use.

  2. Event Promotion: Whether you’re organizing a conference, a music festival, or a charity run, custom lanyards key cords can play a vital role in promoting your event.

  3. Individual Style: On a personal level, these accessories can be used to express your unique style. Attach your keys, ID cards, or even your favorite trinkets to a personalized key cord.

Custom lanyards key cords are more than just functional accessories; they are a blank canvas for personal and promotional expression. Businesses can strengthen their brand identity, event organizers can create lasting memories, and individuals can showcase their style. The possibilities for personalization are virtually limitless, making these accessories an indispensable tool for anyone looking to make a statement and stand out in a world where individuality and branding matter. So, go ahead, embrace the power of personalization, and let your lanyards key cords tell your story.

The Sustainability of RPET Lanyards

In an era where sustainability is paramount, the choices we make as individuals and organizations matter more than ever. Customized lanyards made from recycled PET (RPET) are an excellent example of a sustainable and customizable option that aligns with environmental responsibility and personal branding. In this article, we’ll delve into why you should consider RPET lanyards for customization and how they can benefit both you and the planet.

What is RPET?

RPET stands for Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate. It’s a type of plastic that is recycled from post-consumer plastic waste, such as water bottles and packaging materials. RPET is a sustainable alternative to virgin PET plastic, which is derived from fossil fuels.


The Case for RPET Lanyards

Why should you choose RPET lanyards that you can customize? Here are some compelling reasons:

  1. Environmental Responsibility: RPET lanyards are a sustainable choice. By using recycled materials, you’re contributing to a circular economy and reducing the demand for new plastic production. This helps conserve natural resources and reduces the environmental impact of plastic waste.

  2. Customization Options: RPET lanyards offer the same level of customization as traditional lanyards. You can choose the color, width, length, and attachments that best suit your branding needs. Adding your logo, company name, or slogan is easy and creates a personalized touch.

  3. Durability: RPET lanyards are durable and long-lasting, making them a practical choice for daily use. They can withstand wear and tear, ensuring that your customized lanyards continue to promote your brand for an extended period.

  4. Eco-Friendly Image: By opting for RPET lanyards, you’re making a statement about your commitment to sustainability. This eco-friendly image can resonate with customers, clients, and employees who appreciate businesses that prioritize the environment.

  5. Cost-Effective: RPET lanyards are cost-effective and often comparable in price to traditional lanyards. You can promote your brand responsibly without breaking the bank.

  6. Versatility: RPET lanyards are versatile and can be used in various settings, such as corporate events, trade shows, conferences, schools, and more. Their adaptability ensures that your branding message reaches a broad audience.

How to Customize RPET Lanyards

Customizing RPET lanyards is a straightforward process:

  1. Design: Start by designing your lanyard. Choose the colors, layout, and any text or graphics you want to include. Make sure the design aligns with your brand’s identity and messaging.

  2. Attachment Options: Select the attachments that best suit your needs. Whether you need badge holders, key rings, or other attachments, customize them to enhance the lanyard’s functionality.

  3. Quantity: Determine the quantity of lanyards you need, keeping in mind your promotional or event requirements.

  4. Printing Method: Choose the printing method that suits your design and budget. Common methods include screen printing, dye sublimation, or heat transfer.

  5. Order: Place your order with a reputable lanyard manufacturer or supplier. Ensure that they use RPET materials and Eco-friendly printing techniques for the most sustainable solution.

RPET lanyards offer a sustainable, customizable, and environmentally responsible choice for personalizing your brand identity. By choosing RPET lanyards for customization, you not only promote your business but also demonstrate a commitment to the environment. It’s a win-win solution that aligns with the values of sustainability-conscious individuals and organizations. So, consider the RPET option when personalizing your lanyards, and make a positive impact on both your brand and the planet.

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