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Ecovadis: Shaping Sustainable Business Practices

Ecovadis is a globally recognized sustainability rating platform that assesses the environmental and social performance of companies across various industries. Their rigorous evaluation process looks at a company’s sustainability practices, ethical conduct, and responsible business operations. The goal is to encourage and reward companies that prioritize sustainability and to provide a transparent platform for stakeholders to make informed decisions.

The Ecovadis Gold Label: A Mark of Distinction

The Ecovadis Gold Label is one of the highest levels of recognition a company can achieve on the platform. It signifies that the company has consistently demonstrated excellence in sustainability, ethics, and corporate social responsibility. To attain this esteemed label, a company must not only meet but exceed stringent criteria set by Ecovadis in areas such as:

  1. Environmental Responsibility: Companies must demonstrate a commitment to reducing their environmental impact. This includes efforts to minimize waste, conserve resources, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  2. Ethical Conduct: Ethical business practices are paramount. Companies must uphold the highest standards of ethics, transparency, and integrity in all their operations.

  3. Social Responsibility: A commitment to social responsibility involves fair labor practices, respect for human rights, and a dedication to positively impacting the communities in which they operate.

  4. Supply Chain Sustainability: Companies are evaluated on the sustainability of their supply chains, ensuring that their partners and suppliers adhere to responsible practices.

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Magnus Business Gifts’ Journey to Gold:

Receiving the Ecovadis Gold Label is a significant achievement that reflects Magnus Business Gifts’ unwavering dedication to sustainability and ethical business practices. Here’s why this recognition is a testament to their excellence:

  1. Commitment to Sustainability: Magnus Business Gifts has long been committed to offering eco-friendly and sustainable promotional merchandise. Their catalog includes a wide range of environmentally responsible products, from recycled materials to energy-efficient gadgets.

  2. Ethical Sourcing: They prioritize ethical sourcing and partner with suppliers who share their values. This ensures that their products meet not only quality standards but also ethical and sustainability criteria.

  3. Transparent Operations: Magnus Business Gifts maintains transparency in its operations, from product sourcing to customization processes. Their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices is evident in every aspect of their business.

  4. Customer-Centric Approach: Magnus Business Gifts is dedicated to meeting the specific sustainability goals and needs of its customers. Their focus on customization allows clients to choose eco-conscious products and branding options.

Why Magnus Business Gifts’ Achievement Matters:

Magnus Business Gifts’ attainment of the Ecovadis Gold Label matters for several reasons:

  1. Leadership in Sustainability: Their achievement demonstrates leadership in sustainable business practices within the promotional merchandise industry.

  2. Inspiration for Others: Magnus Business Gifts’ commitment can inspire other companies to prioritize sustainability and make responsible choices in their operations.

  3. Customer Confidence: Clients and partners can have confidence in their collaboration with Magnus Business Gifts, knowing that sustainability and ethical conduct are top priorities.

  4. Positive Impact: Ultimately, their commitment to sustainability contributes to a positive impact on the environment, society, and responsible business practices.

In conclusion, Magnus Business Gifts’ achievement of the Ecovadis Gold Label is a significant milestone in their sustainability journey. It underscores their commitment to environmental responsibility, ethical conduct, and social responsibility. As a leader in the promotional merchandise industry, Magnus Business Gifts sets a commendable example for others to follow, demonstrating that business excellence and sustainability can go hand in hand. Their achievement is not just a label; it’s a testament to their unwavering commitment to a more sustainable and responsible future.

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Our ethical policy

Magnus gadgets business gifts apparel gift boxes t-shirts with logo

MAGNUS BUSINESS GIFTS has laid down its sustainability policy in a CSR policy statement.

We would like to describe our intentions on various specific themes such as ethics in detail in this ethics policy.

There is no doubt that Magnus Business Gifts attaches great importance to ethics. This is also demonstrated by the use of an ethical charter. This charter is presented to all our new suppliers who are asked to endorse the charter. Not only our ethical charter, but also the subsequent supplier assessment contains ethical themes that, if not or insufficiently fulfilled, can be a reason to terminate the collaboration.

To emphasize its importance, the ethical charter is also included in our standard procedures in connection with procurement and new suppliers.

In this way we try to turn the impact and sometimes negative reputation that our sector still experiences into a positive way of doing business in which people are central. Not only people within our company or within our living environment, but especially people in less developed countries because we are partly dependent on imports from all over the world.


What we expect from stakeholders

Magnus gadgets business gifts apparel gift boxes t-shirts with logo
  • Respect for human rights
  •  Safe working conditions
  •  No child labour
  •  No forced labour, exploitation and slavery
  •  No discrimination
  •  No racism
  •  No fraud and bribery
  •  Respect for the privacy of all stakeholders, including that of employees


Caring for the environment has always been a priority for us. Our motto is therefore “give away” instead of “trash away”. Not always evident in the promotional gifts sector, where people often buy as many products as possible at the lowest possible price and where the same product quickly ends up in the wastepaper basket, often unused.

We not only tailor our range to the environmental impact of the products, but also enter into a dialogue with our customers and always offer a sustainable alternative where possible. Fortunately, more and more companies are also convinced of a sustainable promotional gift and we have deliberately chosen in recent years to focus on this segment of customers.

Magnus Business Gifts makes the following efforts to limit negative environmental impact and to realize positive environmental impact where possible:

  •  New suppliers are thoroughly screened for their environmental efforts
  •  Existing suppliers are subject to a supplier assessment that includes the environment
  •  New products are subject to a check before they are added to the range. This control includes the quality, the composition of the product and the compliance with the predetermined criteria
  •  Products that are already present in the range are periodically subjected to the same inspection as new products on a random basis
  •  Continued efforts to reduce our CO₂ emissions, both by reducing and/or optimizing transports and transport methods, as well as by rejuvenating and greening our fleet, and through strategic decisions
  •  Continuous improvement and monitoring of our processes and the processes of our trading partners in the field of the environment
  •  Realize annual action points that have a positive impact on the environment and biodiversity. These efforts are captured in our annual action plans and are linked to the 17 SDGs
  •  Reporting on our environmental efforts on our website, here too we use the 17 SDGs
  •  CO₂ compensating measures, including a reforestation project
We are convinced that working TOGETHER on environmental issues is the only way to achieve significant changes. As a small part of a large whole, we want to take our responsibility and contribute to the preservation of our planet, after all, we only have one.
Magnus gadgets business gifts apparel gift boxes t-shirts with logo

Sustainable purchasing

Magnus gadgets business gifts apparel gift boxes t-shirts with logo

Our motto “give away” instead of “trash away” already emphasizes the importance we attach to the sustainability content of the range of our products.

How we screen our suppliers

However, in our quest for a healthy balance between supply and demand, we never renounce our values. It is and remains important to thoroughly screen our suppliers and take a closer look at their range of products in terms of sustainability.

  •  Are the products produced in safe and healthy working conditions?
  •  Are the products produced with respect for human rights?
  •  Are the products produced with respect for the environment?
  •  Are the products safe?
  •  Do the products meet the required quality criteria?
  •  Do the products meet the predetermined sustainability criteria?
  •  Do the products comply with the stated eco or sustainability label?
  •  Are the products or materials used reusable? Recyclable?
  •  Are the products packaged in sustainable, recycled and recyclable packaging?
  •  Do the products have an eco or sustainability label?
  •  Does the supplier have a quality, safety, environmental or sustainability management system?

We will be pleased to help you with gadgets, promotional textiles & business gifts!

Each organisation requires a different approach. That is why we keep a close eye on specifics such as budget, delivery time, target- group and organisations values in the colors of your  branding. 


1 ecovadis 2022

Our sustainability efforts were rewarded with a gold Ecovadis medal in 2022.

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