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Printed pens, the numero uno in promo. That probably doesn’t surprise you. Despite the digital age, we still have a pen in our hands every day. And open your drawer, handbag or laptop bag. How many pens can you find there? Bet that most of them also have a company name? Because it is and remains an ideal & affordable promotional gift for many companies. Smart marketing move.


A pen, a top promotional gift

A pen or a pencil, it is so cliché … Here are no less than 8 reasons why it is the ideal promotional gift:

  1. It is a relatively cheap product
  2. It is used daily
  3. It can be used in almost all sectors
  4. It is suitable for all age groups
  5. It is quite easy to print
  6. It is often visible
  7. It changes hands an average of 7 times
  8. It comes in many shapes, materials, colors…


From goose feather to luxurious gift

The time when we wrote with a quill pen is long gone. But writing history with a pen is still possible. A pen with your company logo on it, of course. Preferably in your branding colors. So that your customers are reminded of your company at a glance. Or maybe you see it bigger, as a luxurious gift for your employee who has been employed for 10 years. Or how about a beautiful fountain pen with your logo for the kids of the same employee who are celebrating communion or spring party? In short, a writing set is a gift for any occasion.


Combine & personalize

Do you see it all a bit bigger? can it be a little more? Wait… besides a pen, what else do you need to take notes? That’s right, a piece of paper. Check, a matching notepad with your logo can be an ideal addition. This way you turn your promotional gift into a beautiful set that will undoubtedly catch the eye and come in handy every day.

Writing history together?

View the possibilities.

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