Winter or summer, there is a suitable headgear for every season. A wonderfully warm beanie for the cold winter days or a cool baseball cap to keep the summer sun out of your eyes. In short, the ideal gift. Personalized with your logo or company name, visibility is also guaranteed all year round. Win-win with a cap as a promotional gift.


Hot or cold

Beanie or cap, you’re not quite sure yet? Why not both? A smart marketing move all year round. Then of course you have to have them printed with your logo or company name. Classic black always scores, but how about signature color for a headwear? Recognition trump. For your customers, your employees or maybe even as a publicity stunt at an event. A printed beanie or cap is the perfect communication stunt to put your company in the spotlight.


Crew comin’ in hot

Are you organizing an event and would you still like your staff to stand out visually? Then an original baseball cap might be the solution. And wouldn’t it be nice if it was personalized with the names of your team members on it? This way you not only exude professionalism, your employees immediately become recognizable & approachable for your audience. That’s scoring. And everyone is in a good mood thanks to a cap as a gift or promotional gift!


Hot or cold, Magnus Business Gifts has got you covered.

You will find what you are looking for in our range.

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