Storage solutions

What do we mean by fulfilment.

Fulfilment refers to outsourcing the underlying processing of orders. We’re happy to offer you tailor-made fulfilment solutions. From stocking, repackaging and shipping goods to return processing and follow-up. We take care of your entire data management. No more hassle with your internal warehouse. No more hassle with returned packages that need to be manually processed. An accurate stock situation at all times. Fast processing of your stock for ongoing promotions towards representatives and customers. 

Warehouse & Logistics

By using our warehouse & logistics operation, you eliminate the need for your own warehousing or storage space. In other words, you no longer have to worry about the shipping and return processing of your products. Our software provides real-time information about your stock, letting you plan your purchasing efficiently. Please contact us for all Fulfilment solutions.


You only pay for the warehouse space you use. This fluctuates organically according to the volume of space you actually occupy.

In addition, we can quickly switch to handle higher volumes smoothly and efficiently.


Whether your shipments needs to be delivered in Belgium or abroud we have different shipment solutions accordingly.  Do you have entities in Eastern Europe or The States, we can do dropshipments to your different divisions.

Track & trace:

Track & trace of the shipment allows you to monitor every order at all times.

A tree planted per shipment

In addition, a tree is planted for every processed order to reduce our ecological impact.

Boxes are also adapted to the content of the shipment thus reducing the amount of air being transported.


Our service

Let’s work together

A strong team helping companies valueing their employees and strengthning customer relations. Thanks to a large variety of personasible gadgets and business gifts within different themes:

We come up with qualitative and creative personalized business gifts within your briefing with a reliable service and delivery. Sounds good? We believe in our service.

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