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Elevating the Art of Gifting and Celebrating

Magnus Wines and champagnes are timeless symbols of celebration and luxury. By gifting employees with a bottle of their favorite wine or an exquisite champagne, you acknowledge their achievements in a sophisticated manner. This reward can be especially fitting for special occasions, milestones, or outstanding performance. It’s essential to consider employees’ preferences and cultural backgrounds when selecting the type of wine or champagne to ensure inclusivity.

Our apéro boxes are a curated collection of appetizers, finger foods, and beverages designed to create a delightful and social pre-dinner experience, common in certain European cultures. Offering an apéro box as a reward allows employees to enjoy a relaxed and convivial atmosphere, whether in the workplace or at home. It can be an excellent choice for team-building activities or casual gatherings, encouraging camaraderie and collaboration among team members.

 Employee rewards don’t always have to be consumables. Gifting accessories can be a thoughtful way to show appreciation while offering something employees can use and cherish. Consider items like elegant wine glasses, personalized corkscrews, or even a premium wine tote bag. Alternatively, you can opt for champagne flutes, wine decanters, or other sophisticated accessories that enhance the enjoyment of wine and champagne.

Magnus 100% Belgian local wines

Magnus wines Belgian Local GO FOR A BELGIAN LOCAL WINE Belgian local wines are a wonderful and thoughtful choice when it comes to rewarding employees or expressing gratitude with end-of-year gifts. They offer a glimpse into Belgium’s wine making heritage and showcase the dedication and passion of local producers. As you share these delightful wines with your employees or loved ones, you not only celebrate special moments but also contribute to the continued growth of Belgium’s wine culture. So, raise a glass of Belgian wine to toast the hard work and achievements of your employees or to usher in the joy of the holiday season! Ask our team now what you can do with your budget. The Rise of Belgian Wine Culture Belgium’s wine history dates back to Roman times, but it experienced a decline during the Middle Ages and beyond. In recent decades, however, there has been a resurgence of interest in winemaking, and local producers have dedicated themselves to producing exceptional wines. The country’s temperate climate and diverse soils create a unique terroir that contributes to the character of Belgian wines. 1.Types of Belgian Wines Belgium produces a variety of wines, but some of the most prominent types include: Sparkling Wines: Belgian sparkling wines, often made using the traditional method, rival those of more established regions. They can be a delightful alternative to Champagne, with their crispness and elegant bubbles. White Wines: White wines from Belgium are known for their freshness and lightness. Varietals like Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and Müller-Thurgau thrive in certain regions, producing delicate and aromatic whites. Red Wines: While red wines are less common, some regions in Belgium cultivate grape varieties like Pinot Noir and Dornfelder, resulting in smooth and fruity red wines. Rosé Wines: Belgian rosés have gained popularity for their vibrant hues and refreshing taste, making them a favorite during warmer months. 2. The Art of Pairing Belgian Wines One of the exciting aspects of gifting Belgian wines is exploring the art of food and wine pairing. As you reward your employees or select end-of-year gifts, consider providing suggestions for food pairings that complement the chosen wines. For instance: Sparkling Wine: Pairs wonderfully with appetizers, seafood, and light salads, making it perfect for celebratory moments. White Wine: Matches excellently with fish, poultry, and creamy cheeses, creating an exquisite dining experience. Red Wine: Complements grilled meats, pasta dishes, and aged cheeses, offering a heartier and more comforting choice. Rosé Wine: Goes well with a wide range of dishes, from salads and charcuterie to BBQ and spicy cuisine, adding a touch of versatility to any meal. 3. Supporting Local Communities Choosing Belgian local wines as rewards or gifts not only brings joy to recipients but also supports local winemakers and vineyards. By promoting these wines, you contribute to the growth of Belgian wine culture and the livelihood of the people behind the craft. Magnus Business Gifts is your partner for merchandising, gadgets or unique business gifts to match your company, school or sports organisation.


Belgium’s cool climate and distinctive terroir contributes to the production of unique wines with diverse flavors. The country’s wine regions, such as Flemish Brabant, WalloniĂ«, and the Maasvallei, each have their own micro climates and soil compositions, which impart characteristic nuances to the wines. From crisp and aromatic whites to elegant sparkling wines and full-bodied reds, Belgian local wines offer a wide range of taste experiences.

By choosing a local wine, you contribute to the growth and sustainability of local businesses and communities, fostering a sense of pride and identity.

Our winemakers employ artisanale techniques and hands-on craftsmanship to produce their wines. Choosing a Belgian local wine means supporting these dedicated individuals who pour their passion into creating high-quality beverages.

Magnus wines of Belgium, with their diverse range of styles, can complement a wide array of dishes. Whether it’s seafood, poultry, red meat, cheese, or desserts, you’ll find a local wine that pairs harmoniously with various cuisines, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Choosing our Belgian local wines is not only an excellent way to support local communities and reduce environmental impacts but also a chance to explore unique flavors, learn about cultural traditions, and enrich the overall wine-drinking experience.

Magnus Apéro boxes with delicacies

An Apéro box offers a unique and festive experience, providing a taste of luxury and celebration. They create an opportunity for employees to indulge in a variety of gourmet delights that they might not experience every day.

Magnus Wines Apéro boxes APÉRO BOXES WITH DELICACIES The Apéro-Themed Gift Box brings a taste of sophistication and celebration to employees’ lives, rewarding them for their hard work and dedication. With an array of gourmet delicacies and carefully curated items, our gift boxes transcends the ordinary and fosters a sense of unity among colleagues. As employees indulge in the apéro experience, they’ll create lasting memories and be inspired to continue striving for excellence within the organization. Ask our team now what you can do with your budget. The key to creating the perfect gift box is personalization. Consider the diverse preferences of your employees and tailor the boxes accordingly. Depending on dietary restrictions or cultural considerations, you can offer a range of options, such as gourmet snacks, chocolates, cookies, savory treats, and even healthy alternatives like nuts, dried fruits, and granola bars. For the drink element, include an assortment of teas, coffees, hot chocolate mixes, or even miniature bottles of fine wine or artisanal craft beers for those who appreciate a little indulgence. To truly elevate the experience, partner with local artisanal food and beverage producers. Supporting local businesses not only adds a unique touch to the gift but also helps the community. Include items that showcase the region’s culinary specialties, providing your employees with a taste of the local culture and flavors. Handwritten notes or custom packaging can add an extra touch of warmth and appreciation. As sustainability becomes increasingly important, opt for eco-friendly packaging for the gift boxes. Use recyclable materials and minimize unnecessary plastic. You can even include a reusable water bottle or coffee mug to promote eco-consciousness among your employees. Eat and drink gift boxes are a delightful and thoughtful way to express gratitude to your employees for their hard work and dedication throughout the year. By customizing the boxes, supporting local businesses, promoting wellness, and fostering team bonding, you’ll create a memorable end-of-year experience that leaves a positive and lasting impression on your employees. Such gestures not only show appreciation but also strengthen the bond between your company and its most valuable asset – the employees who contribute to its success. Magnus Business Gifts is your partner for merchandising, gadgets or unique business gifts to match your company, school or sports organisation.

You can customize them with a wide array of delicacies. From artisanal cheeses, cured meats, and olives to gourmet crackers, dips, and nuts, there are numerous options to cater to different tastes and dietary preferences.

Whether it’s rewarding employees for their exceptional performance or expressing gratitude during the holiday season, apĂ©ro boxes are suitable for various occasions. They can be given individually as personal rewards or presented as a shared experience for team-building events.

The presentation of apéro boxes is an essential aspect of the gift-giving experience. Our boxes can be beautifully packaged with elegant ribbons or branded with the company logo to add a personal touch.

Consider sourcing the delicacies from local artisanal producers, which not only adds a unique touch to the gift but also supports small businesses in the community.

Receiving an apĂ©ro box filled with delectable treats can boost employees’ morale, making them feel valued and appreciated for their contributions.

ApĂ©ro boxes create lasting memories, and employees may even share their experiences on social media, showcasing the company’s thoughtful and generous culture.

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Looking for something more exclusive?

A gift of Champagne to reward employees or as an end-of-year gift is a luxurious and celebratory gesture that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

Champagne is synonymous with elegance, success, and special occasions, making it an ideal choice for acknowledging your employees’ hard work and contributions.

When we select your Champagne as a gift, we go for the finest quality ensuring a memorable experience for your recipients. We visite several Champagne houses each year to find you the best quality for the best price. A proactive and informing approach that allows us to curate an exceptional Champagne selection for our customers. 

We offer you the option to customize your bottles with a personalized label and capsule. Adding the recipient’s name, a special message, or the company logo to the bottle makes the gift even more meaningful and demonstrates the effort put into selecting the gift.The capsule can be  customized with specific colors or designs, providing another opportunity to incorporate branding or personal touches.

Gifting a bottle of the finest quality Champagne, personalized with customized labels and capsules, is a thoughtful and sophisticated way to reward employees and show appreciation for their dedication and hard work. It’s a gift that symbolizes success, achievement, and the joy of celebrating together.

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Magnus Wines Champagne CHAMPAGNE ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA Champagne as a gift adds always an extra touch of elegance and thoughtfulness to the gift. They elevate the experience of enjoying this sparkling beverage, making it a truly special and memorable occasion for both the giver and the recipient. Our specialized champagne flutes & stoppers are designed to showcase the bubbles and maintain the wine’s effervescence. Every bottle of Champagne can be personalized to add an extra touch of exclusivity and shows that you have put thought and care into the gift. Ask our team now what you can do with your budget. What makes Champagne a beautiful and thoughtful gift: Elegance and Luxury: Champagne is associated with elegance, sophistication, and luxury. When you present a bottle of champagne as a gift, it instantly conveys a sense of celebration and indulgence, making the recipients feel valued and special. Symbol of Achievement: Champagne is often reserved for celebratory moments and milestones. By gifting it to your employees, you acknowledge their achievements, hard work, and dedication. It serves as a tangible symbol of recognition for their contributions to the company’s success. Memorable Celebrations: Champagne is synonymous with celebrations, such as anniversaries, promotions, or the successful completion of a project. Offering it as a gift adds to the joy of the occasion and creates lasting memories for the recipients. Versatility: Champagne is a versatile beverage that can be enjoyed in various settings. Whether it’s a formal corporate event, a casual team gathering, or a personal celebration, champagne fits well in all scenarios. Encourages Bonding: Sharing a bottle of champagne fosters camaraderie and encourages social bonding. It provides an opportunity for employees to relax, engage in conversations, and strengthen their relationships with each other and with the company. Boosts Morale: Receiving a champagne gift uplifts the spirits of employees and boosts their morale. It shows that their hard work is recognized and appreciated, motivating them to continue giving their best. Impressive Business Gift: When used as a business gift, champagne creates a positive impression on clients, partners, or potential investors. It portrays your company as thoughtful and considerate, leaving a lasting impression that may pave the way for future business opportunities. Thoughtful Personal Touch: Champagne gifts can be personalized by adding a special message, the recipient’s name, or a custom label. This personal touch enhances the gift’s significance and makes it even more meaningful to the receiver. Celebrating Milestones: Champagne is perfect for celebrating important business milestones, such as the launch of a new product, the signing of a significant deal, or the achievement of a major business goal. It adds a touch of festivity and joy to the occasion. Timeless and Classic: Champagne has been a symbol of celebration for centuries. By gifting it, you tap into a timeless tradition that transcends generations and cultures, making it a universally appreciated and cherished present. Giving champagne as a gift to employees or using it as a business gift is a gesture that exudes elegance, celebration, and appreciation. It creates a sense of joy and togetherness, making it a beautiful and meaningful choice for various occasions in both personal and professional settings. Magnus Business Gifts is your partner for merchandising, gadgets or unique business gifts to match your company, school or sports organisation.

Magnus Apéro Accessoires with logo

Branded apĂ©ro accessories are a fantastic way to add a personal and stylish touch to an apĂ©ro experience. Whether used as promotional items, business gifts, or to enhance your own apĂ©ro gatherings, these accessories can elevate the overall presentation and create a lasting impression. 

Customized wine glasses, champagne flutes, or cocktail glasses featuring your company logo or a unique design are not only functional but also visually appealing. They add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the apéro experience.

Engraved or printed cutting boards featuring your branding or a special message can be a useful and decorative addition to any apéro spread. They are ideal for serving cheeses, charcuterie, and other appetizers.

Wine stoppers with your company logo or a custom design make practical and attractive giveaways or gifts. They help preserve the quality of open wine bottles and serve as a constant reminder of your brand.

Personalized wooden crates with your logo or a branded message can be used to present and store apéro accessories or even as unique gift packaging for other items.

Customized cork coasters featuring your branding provide a stylish and eco-friendly way to protect surfaces while enjoying drinks during apéro.

Insulated wine coolers with your logo offer a practical and portable solution for keeping wine chilled during outdoor apéro events or picnics.

Personalized bottle openers featuring your branding are functional and popular giveaway items that can be used by guests during apéro or at home.

Engraved cheese knives are practical and elegant accessories for serving cheese during apéro. They can be customized with your logo or a special message.

Personalized cocktail shakers featuring your logo are excellent gifts for clients or employees who enjoy making cocktails during apéro.

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Gadgets with logo are a great way to promote your brand and increase visibility among your target audience. These gadgets with logo are essentially useful everyday items that are branded with your organisations logo or design, making them an effective marketing tool that can be used to reach a wide audience. Magnus Business Gifts has a wide variety of gadgets logo available that can be customized to suit your brand. Some popular options include custom USB sticks, power banks, lanyards keycords, water bottles, pens, and bags. These items are often used on a daily basis, which means that your logo will be seen frequently by potential customers. Ask our team now what you can do with your budget.

We will be pleased to help you with gadgets, promotional textiles & business gifts!

Each organisation requires a different approach. That is why we keep a close eye on specifics such as budget, delivery time, target- group and organisations values in the colors of your  branding. 


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