Magnus Business Gifts boosts sales of low-carbon gadgets ‘Made in Europe’

“Low-carbon gadgets are the future,” Magnus Business Gifts believes. The company wants to reduce sales of promotional products from China and focus more on sustainable alternatives from European soil. These ‘Made in Europe’ gadgets not only have a smaller carbon footprint, they are also of better quality.

China has a reputation for producing cheap, lower-quality gadgets. However, with improved working conditions and rising wages in China, products are naturally becoming more expensive. Higher transport costs and increasing import taxes due to the European Green Deal also play a role. All this makes European alternatives increasingly attractive.

Ann Magnus, business manager of Magnus Business Gifts, says: “We did not wait for future developments and new requirements and regulations from Europe. On the contrary, we have been analysing the prices of European gadgets for quite some time. We see that the prices of European and Chinese gadgets are getting closer and closer to each other, and this trend is bound to continue. The good news is that gadgets ‘Made in Europe’ are more sustainable and have a smaller carbon footprint. Moreover, this way we keep production in Europe.”

10% of Magnus gadgets already ‘Made in EU’, Low-carbon gadgets

Currently, 10% of Magnus Business Gifts’ range already consists of ‘Made in EU’ gadgets. The range will increase further in the future as more and more people and companies become aware of the need for sustainable and ecological production.

In addition, Magnus has been writing its own EcoVadis story focusing on the company’s ethical policies and actions for five years. They ask all suppliers to voluntarily subscribe to their EcoVadis charter. About 50% of gadget suppliers have since done so. Moreover, all suppliers are affiliated to Amfori, which audits the supplier factories. “We constantly check our top 10 products on the sustainability of their supply chain. This takes a lot of time, but we are happy to do it. After all, we have a responsibility towards the world and what we leave behind for the next generation,” says Ann Magnus.

With this focus on low-carbon gadgets and sustainability, Magnus Business Gifts aims to be a forerunner in the industry. They believe it is time to invest in a greener future and hope other companies will follow.

About Magnus Business Gifts
Magnus Business Gifts is a leading supplier of corporate gifts and promotional materials, founded in 1967 in Weerde. Twelve years ago, Ann Magnus bought the family business from her parents. Since then, she and husband Nico have put even more emphasis on corporate social responsibility. That commitment was not only rewarded with a golden EcoVadis certificate at the end of 2021, they also won the e-invoicing award from Bosa Agoria and VBO.

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