Giving an applicant a good impression of your company is not easy when the job interview is conducted online. But how can you still stand out as an employer? By providing each applicant with a memento that fully fits within your corporate culture. Magnus Business Gifts takes your employer branding to the next level.


Only 1 chance for a great first impression

One person with a white wall behind them. That is what you see as an applicant during your job interview these days. A first impression of the company by walking around and feasting your eyes is no longer part of it. Unfortunately. Because how can you, as an applicant, get in touch with the company where you may be going to work? Even more: how do you make the right choice if 2 or more companies want to open their doors to you?

That’s awful. And you as a company can respond to that. Don’t miss out on sublime candidates because you’re hampered by the whole online thing. Make them feel welcome and immediately give a clear picture of what your company stands for. For example, by sending a gift. This way they get a feel for your company and you persuade them to come and work for you.


Welcome gift new employee

Hired a new employee? Top! Even then it is nice to surprise your brand new acquisition with an excellent welcome package. An office gadget, for example, to dress up his or her home workplace in the look-and-feel of your company. It’s a matter of taking the fine corporate culture home with you.

But other gifts also make your new team member happy. Think of an onboarding gift box or a personalized water bottle. Whatever you choose, Magnus Business Gifts is happy to assist you. Together we look for the promotional gift that fits your company like no other.


100% at your service

Made a choice? Then we will deliver all the gifts to you. Or we take over the entire process from you and store the promotional gifts at Magnus Business Gifts. When it’s time to send a package, you just give us a call. We make sure it reaches the right person on the right day.


Promotional gifts for optimal employer branding?

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