Your loyalty more rewarded

Stronger customer loyalty to your company

Every loyal customer likes to receive a valuable gift. And for that he will thank you. Especially in loyalty. A loyalty programme is also an excellent way of attracting new customers. It is the best way to get to know your customers better. You will get a lot of information about their interests. How can we be so sure? Because we have become the market leader in the field of loyalty programmes. And you can reap the benefits.


Option 1

Quality gifts for a fixed price

This loyalty programme for your loyal customers consists of a neat platform. With lots of nice gifts. And you determine the fixed amount of these gifts. For example, €35 per gift for tax relief purposes. Would you like to give the platform even more cachet? No problem! We are happy to adapt it to your company’s corporate identity.



Option 2

Professional gifts with extra payment option

A popular loyalty programme for your loyal customers. This platform is filled to the brim with the gifts you select. Your customers can choose a gift according to earned points. Do they not have enough points? Then they can simply pay extra. So you don’t have to worry about disappointed customers. To the contrary. Here, too, you can tailor the platform to the look and feel of your company. Interested?



Option 3

A brands on a platform, all the way

The best way to reward your loyal customers and also benefit from it. Your customers get a gift platform with all the bells and whistles. Completely in your house style. You create campaigns in it and select the gifts your customers can choose from. There is a wide choice of major brands. Your customers will get an account to track their orders and home deliveries. As a supplier, you too can monitor everything from a to z. And we take care of the tax and social law optimisation. Storage and internal customer service are also possible! By the way: no cure, no pay. Sounds good?


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