In every family business there is at least 1 person who is at home in all markets. Magnus Business Gifts is no different. Until recently, this colorful mix of tasks was lovingly fulfilled by Ann, our CEO. But since May 1, 2022 we have a new Magnusje-of-everything: meet Nico. Ann’s husband and a breath of fresh air for our prospecting and inside sales.


The right person in the right place

From substation manager at NMBS to salesman at Magnus Business Gifts. It seems like a whole career switch. And strictly speaking it is. Nevertheless, our new acquisition has been deeply rooted in our company for years. After all, Nico is Ann’s husband and has been closely following the ins and outs of Magnus Business Gifts through her for a while now. With his PR and Sales diploma in his pocket, he is the perfect person for our prospecting and inside sales department.

From the sidelines to the heart of our company. A leap that gives Ann peace of mind. She used to take care of prospecting. A task that disappeared into the background after the takeover. She simply didn’t have time for it anymore and moving on to the prospecting turned out to be more difficult than expected. Fortunately, she can sleep soundly from now on: Nico monitors continuity within sales and is also her sparring partner. An extra set of shoulders next to her that supports Magnus Business Gifts. Together with the rest of the team, they are ready to offer our customers the best service.


The future beckons

Laurence is also satisfied. As the person responsible for inside sales, she could also use an extra colleague. Laurence: “Nico and I complement each other perfectly professionally. He sows seeds with potential customers along the way and when plants emerge, I am happy to take care of them.” In this way they deliver great work together and they introduce companies to our warm service. A solid basis for a long-term cooperation.

You already heard it, Nico is an enrichment for Magnus Business Gifts. Not only for our customers, but also for the rest of the team. And if he is happy about it. “It’s nice to be able to do what I like to do and to be appreciated for that too,” says Nico. “Because it feels good. The first step towards the future.”

“That’s exactly how I see it,” adds Ann. “The intention was to build something together for our children. The foundations were already laid years ago, but today we started the further construction. We want to grow our company in a healthy way, so that there is still room for our son in the future. Because he too is eager to become part of Magnus Business Gifts after graduating in Business economics.”

The next generation is therefore already ready, the future is assured for this family business in heart and soul. And that creates trust.


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