This year Magnus Business Gifts can blow out 55 candles. A real milestone. But there is more: because in April 2022 it was exactly 10 years ago that I took over this thriving family business from my parents and brother. So double party. I look back on the past decade with a smile. Beautiful and intense years in which I got to know myself 100% and gradually mapped out a route for Magnus that seamlessly matches the needs of our customers and our constantly changing society, but also my personality.

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Ann Magnus


A company on the move

Did I just get this beautiful company thrown into my lap? No definitely not. Admittedly, I didn’t always take the easy way out. Staying true to my values ​​and standards is extremely important to me. That’s why I chose to buy out my parents and brother, instead of arranging the transfer with closed exchanges.

After the successful negotiations about the takeover price, I decided not to do everything identically like the previous 45 years. A critical thinking exercise about all the building blocks of our family business followed. And that resulted in some drastic changes.


But why would you tinker with a business that is running well? To prevent the company from getting stuck and to ensure that it can continue to exist lucratively in the coming decades. For example, if I look at the evolution of technology and products as well as customers and their needs, I notice that an incredible amount has changed in recent years. And then you have 2 options as a company: either you go along with that movement or you rust and become a museum piece. At Magnus we enthusiastically opted for the first option.

Still, I didn’t completely change tack. The identity of Magnus – our core values ​​– undoubtedly had to be preserved. A word is a word, that has been an evidence for us for 55 years and that will never change. In addition, we offer a personal service, with 1 point of contact per file, and products of sublime quality.


Female entrepreneurship

An excellent learning experience, that is how I can describe the past few years. Because entrepreneurship is top sport (at least that’s what I tell my doctor when he says I should exercise more). It’s a lonely road and a lot of challenges came my way. From finance to sales to marketing, as a business manager all those tasks end up with me. And then it’s a matter of finding the right balance between keeping all the balls in the air and at the same time making sure that Magnus keeps running like a well-oiled machine. Open communication is one of the most important links in this. After all, talking to team members, suppliers and customers and listening carefully to them produces the best collaborations and results.

What else did I learn? That women achieve much more when they support each other. And believe me, I am surrounded by a fantastic women’s team that I can blindly trust. Together we are strong. I have never regretted my decision 10 years ago.

A family is already something magical in itself in terms of setup, a family business is even more so. The fact that I can continue the identity that characterizes Magnus is one of the many reasons why I still enjoy my job. But that does not alter the fact that there have been times when I wanted to give up. How did I manage to continue? By being assisted by a well-functioning advisory board and by focusing on what is important to me.


Who is Magnus Business Gifts today?

Magnus Business Gifts helps companies to value employees and make customers loyal and involved. How? With a large and unique range of gadgets, gift boxes and loyalty programs for:


e devise a personalized, high-quality and creative solution within the framework of your wishes, with reliable implementation and delivery. This way you achieve the desired effect with your employees and customer relations.


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