Gadgets, we have them all at home. But they are also extremely useful in the office. And if they are personalised, they seamlessly match the interior and branding of your company. The range of gadgets is also endless. In fact, new ones are always being added. After all, technology does not stand still.

Sublime classics

You always score with classics. From pencils to sharpeners to pen holders and pencil cases, they are used in every office. And you can also do everyone a favor with an elegant notebook and refined wooden or aluminum writing set. All of them tasteful promotional gifts that are also easy to print with your company name or logo.

Technological gadgets

New gadgets are constantly appearing on the market. Nice to gift to your team. Think of extremely practical tools such as USB hubs and drawing tablets, or gadgets such as a USB fan. We at Magnus Business Gifts are also happy to personalize these for you.


Home office

A cozy desk is wonderful. Cold and chilly offices are a no-go if you know that warm spaces that exude a homely atmosphere fuel creativity and at the same time make team members feel at home. And happy employees deliver excellent work. One of the ways to respond to this as a manager? Personalized desk gadgets that stimulate comfort and job satisfaction, such as a desk lamp, clock or stress ball.


What’s in it for you?

Of course you give a gift with the recipient in mind. After all, you want to show your appreciation to your team and then it is important that they are happy with your gift. Yet personalized gadgets also have advantages for you.


Gadgets that fit in with your company’s corporate identity give an extra touch to your office. The result is a harmonious space that exudes character and in which everything fits together nicely. Bet your customers will be impressed?


Since they are promotional gifts, your team may take the gadgets home. Handy for making your company visible to others. Who knows, it might bring you new customers.


As a company, moving with the times is the best way to attract younger workers. Brand new gadgets will do the magic, giving you a reputation as a modern employer.


Want to give your company a modern twist?

Check out our products. They are all customizable.

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