With original gifts you score. Both with your team, partners and customers. But can you be surprising if you also want your logo on the promotional gifts? Of course that’s possible. At Magnus Business Gifts we do everything we can to personalize the gift that fits seamlessly with your customers, team and company.


Printing textiles

There are various personalization techniques for printing clothing or accessories, such as a cap or hat.


Gadgets with logo

Gadgets come in all shapes and sizes. It goes without saying that this also requires different personalization techniques.


Personalize without ink

Some materials can easily be provided with a logo, without the use of ink. Think of blind stamping. The perfect way to personalize notebooks, for example. For an extremely discreet and high-end look.

But laser engraving also produces beautiful personalized promotional gifts. Your logo is scratched into the wooden or metal article. A particularly durable and stylish choice. Moreover, without ink, and also without colours, just like blind embossing. Subtly personalized products are the result.



Printed corporate gifts – a range of options

So many techniques to personalize your textiles or gadgets. At Magnus Business Gifts, we look together at which technique best suits your needs. Because every logo is different and every product has its own characteristics to take into account.

From classics, such as personalized coffee mugs or ballpoint pens, to more unique corporate gifts. Everything is possible, even in 3D. Do you have something in mind, but not sure how to make it a reality? Together we make it happen.

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