A trade fair or other event coming up? Chances are it is. Because slowly but surely the events are starting again. Great to show your company to the outside world in real life again. And that networking gives you extra strength with the right personalized gifts for customers or partners. Magnus Business Gifts @ your service.


Gifts with a logo – the ones who stay

We bet you have at least 10 personalized ballpoint pens from as many different companies at home? Ballpoint pens with a logo are a classic. But that doesn’t make them any less efficient. After all, everyone can use a pen. And that is exactly why they are a winner when it comes to corporate gifts.

The same goes for notebooks, by the way. Very annoying if you don’t have anything to write on at a trade show. Problem solved if your company distributes printed notebooks. The guests at the event will thank you.

Just like when you pour a bottle of water or soft drink with a logo. Or a candy, which is usually also popular. After all, people like to have something to hand when they have a tickle in their throat or when they are thirsty.

Finally, what you also see everywhere are cotton or paper carrier bags. Handy for storing the documentation that visitors collect at the fair. Moreover, your logo and your company are immediately highly visible thanks to the size of the print. Stand out? yes please!


New topper

Whether you want to advertise at an event for student workers, recent graduates or high-end customers, the above classics are always a good idea. However, you can also be more innovative by choosing a printed drinking cup, for example. Easy to have a drink on the spot, but also perfect to take home. From now on your relations will have the ideal mug for their coffee on the go.


USB with logo & dates

An empty USB stick or one with data, the choice is yours. The perfect way to give your customers, partners or employees a practical gift and at the same time provide them with useful information. Don’t feel like putting the data on the USB stick? Magnus Business Gifts is happy to take over that task for you.


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