An original idea as a surpose for your employees. Giving gifts to employees that they talk about for a long time afterwards. That’s what every employer secretly wants. An original gift does not necessarily have to be expensive. There is bound to be a nice gift that fits within the budget of your company. Personalized with your logo or perhaps a personal message, your gift will be a winner.


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Have you ever thought about a personalized shirt or a baseball cap for your employees? This way they immediately form a ‘crew’ and you create a sense of togetherness. Or maybe you have top sellers and handy Harry’s walking around in your store. Why don’t you put that on their shirt? This way they feel that they are an added value within the group and customers immediately know who they can turn to. Threshold-lowering with a touch of humour.

And there are plenty of other hip gadgets that you can personalize according to your branding. A great idea for every sector. How about a bottle opener in the shape of a keychain? Not only a suitable gift in the construction industry, but also very handy for the next, unexpected BBQ on the beach.

And speaking of food, it’s a small step to cooking & dining or even other interior accessories. Cozy homeliness is always good. And you can also personalize them endlessly. From a rustic knife set for the kitchen counter to a wonderfully soft fleece blanket for a cold winter evening. All in your branding colors and with the logo of your company.


Pure indulgence

Other staff gifts that invariably do well are the gift boxes. There, too, the possibilities are endless. Just think of a skincare box for your female employees. Bet they are grateful to you or the me-time you gift them. And of course the men want something too, we can’t blame them. You can score with them with a gift box full of delicious regional beers and local delicacies.


Magnus Business Gifts

Thank your employees, please, but you don’t know how. A small attention or rather a large gift? Or wait, your company is focusing on sustainability this year? Don’t worry, at Magnus Business Gifts we know better than anyone how important sustainable business is, so we also have the right gift in that area. Together with you we go for the perfect gift, we don’t do it for less.

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