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The Generali insurance company

“The suggested gadget was perfect for our campaign”

On the occasion of the 2016 Brussels Car Show, Generali launched a car insurance campaign. The slogan was “Met een verzekering van Generali neem je de beste start” or “Get the best start with insurance cover from Generali”. And a fun gadget was part and parcel of the campaign of course. But what kind of gadget? Ann Van Haute, Generali’s Strategic Marketing Manager, turned to Magnus Business Gifts for help.“Magnus Business Gifts organised a briefing asking us about our wishes, the target group and the objectives. They used that information to find the perfect gadget for the campaign, within the required budget. They looked at known items and items that could be custom-made for us. Not having to leaf through all those catalogues ourselves was definitely a benefit. Magnus Business Gifts proactively searched for an option without losing sight of Generali’s core values. They moved very fast and we were always able to get hold of them easily during the entire process.”

A keyring for new customers

A keyring proved to be the perfect gadget. Ann Van Haute thought it was a fun idea. “They showed us various samples of keyrings in different materials, including leather and steel. That is how we settled on the right keyring. They then found a supplier who could produce and customise them for us. A brainstorming session was organised with this supplier, with Magnus Business Gifts and ourselves. The whole process was very productive.”

Enthusiastic response

Generali has direct contact with its insurance brokers, but not with its end customers. The insurance brokers really liked the result. We sent our customers a welcome pack with a thank you note, highlighting our strong points and listing all the cover options. The keyring was included in the pack. And the packaging? Magnus Business Gifts took care of that as well. And of the delivery, which we really appreciated.”

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